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Thursday, March 31, 2005

The first 2 screwed up tries

OK! After I finally passed, think it's time to dish out the dirt on all the lousy and screwed up testers-the whole freakin reason why I failed TWICE! URGH! Juz thinking about it makes my blood boil.... hehe.. ok.. let's go

Try 1:
Reason for failure-turned at a traffic junction without letting pedestrians pass first. Immediate failure. Demerit points: less than 20.
Urgh!!! Ok... here's my version of the reason why I failed. U noe right.. at those traffic junctions.. these pedestrians like to take their own sweet time and stroll slowly across the road, like models catwalking. Come on man.. I was the first in line to turn left lor. Hey.. like.. if I dun turn quickly, those lousy cars at the back gonna start honking.. which means immediate failure too. So I thought.. since those lousy pedestrians were still at the opposite side of the road, it's pretty safe to turn. And it is! To be doubly sure, I stuck my hand out the window and signalled to the pedestrians to stop walking where my car is driving past! Yep. And hey! They saw it! And they DID stop! And fact is, I didn't knock anyone down! But somehow the tester seems to think that i was supposed to stop instead. Hey.... no fair! We drivers and pedestrians are all road users! We have equal rights can?! If drivers have to stop for pedestrians how come pedestrians can't stop for drivers?! Esp drivers having their driving tests! They have special rights can?! That's why I say, these testers... seriously got something against cute girls like me. Sigh. All my mum's fault.. give birth to such an adorable girl.

Ok on to try 2.

Try 2:
Reason for failure-the tester once again got pissed off by my adorable face. Demerit points: 50.
FIFTY!! See my point?! No good being too cute.. hard to survive in a place like Singapore.. too many un-cute pple jealous of pple like us cuties. Sucks.

Guess where the points came from. Bet u can never get it right. Cos it's so freakin ridiculous!
Ok.. U noe.. I was driving at like, 40+km/h on the normal roads. Speed limit's 50. And that lousy tester said I was driving tooooo slowly for the road conditions! Like... wat road conditions?! Early morning rush hour traffic??? I took my test at that time can?! How to drive fast?! @#$%$%@#$#!!!! Mad shit..
Ok.. then next ridiculous thing.. he expected me to memorise the route. Like....... how?!?!? MAD!!!!! Once we started moving out of BBDC, he asked me," Do u noe where the U-turn at CCK rd is?" Ok.. I mean, I DO KNOW that road.. juz that I didn't know it's called CCK rd. Ok? So, to be safe, I juz said no lar.. cos I did not expect him to think that I should memorise the route (which is total crap all u prospective learner drivers.. u r not required to memorise). Anyway, his reply was," Then it's too bad, u have to learn to look for it yourself."
Like.. HOW SHITTY!!! URGH!!!! So I was like, struggling along the road.. looking for a U-turn. When I finally found it, there was SUCH a sense achievement..... but.... it was all destroyed later when he said I signalled right too late.. and thus I had to change lanes abruptly. Like.. whose fault is it lar?! Urgh!!!!!! He told me I had to look for the U turn myself, which I did, and succeeded, and after that he said I signalled too late. Like, at least gimme some credit lar! I managed to find the U turn can!? Sucks.
Another time was at this left turn. He told me, "There's a temple in front. Turn left before the temple." Ok. So like, normal people would expect the left turn to be coming soon rite? So I signalled left. And guess what?! This time, he said I signalled too early!!!!! Cos the temple was still quite far away. Like.......... how lousy can he get?! It's all his own fault and he makes it seem as though it were mine! URGH!
And on that 70km/h semi-highway right, I was driving at 60+km/h... and once again he deducted points for me driving too slowly. Kaoz.. and they complain about Singaporeans being speed demons.. they should start checking with their testers why that is the case!!!

Sigh... And guess what.. I had to bear with all this shit buried deep in my heart and can't write a letter to complain to BBDC juz in case I get blacklisted and never ever will pass my driving test in Singapore in my entire lifetime. Sigh. I'm juz a lousy humster. BUT!!!! NOW! I can complain with no fear! Haha.. juz waiting for my license to be sent to my doorstep. Then.. that tester... hehe.. he will get his retribution!!!! Hehe.. (OK.. I'm kidding.. I'm still a humster.. how can I complain!? My bro has yet to take his driving lessons. What if they have this system that can check all your family members etc etc... and if HE gets blacklisted HOW?! I'm such a nice sis.. Can't believe it.)

Ok.. talking about my bro.. his link is up. Yeah. The most irritating brother in the world. His blogsite is cool too. Toiletbowl. 不亏是我武林盟主的弟弟。Ja.. muz learn to be more avant garde like him! is a nice blog add! See? Me JX and Jing all agree. It's juz u now! Yeah! Ok.. back to my brother. Juz now he was telling me about all the lousy shitty programming things he learned back in Communist High in sec 1 and 2... and how zai how zai his computer skills are.. apparently that was the only subject he got exempted for! In Communist High! But...... he threw all his HTML notes away liao.. sucks.. if not he can teach me all about how to make my blog nice.. hehe.. Oh yes.. he was telling me about this computing proj last time they had to do in TCHS. It was something like, u have to create ur own webbie, and set up a counter to see the number of people who viewed ur page. Then being the bo liao Communist students they are, they had this competition to see who has the highest viewership. Then those stupid ones will go home and keep clicking on their own sites to increase the counts of views. And the smarter ones will juz change their html code to show a 5 digit figure on their counter. Hehe.. Verce.. is that what u do? Haha

Ok.. now on to this Verce. He advertised me on his blog, so now muz return him the favor.
Ok.. who is Verce?!
He's this commando, from TCHS and RJC last time, and his blog is really quite cool I gotta say. So... if u pple are free... go visit his site. U won't regret. There're songs, clips, and my chiobu pic.. haha. Errr.. and I seriously think he deserves to be in Xiaxue's place! Yeah! Haha.. one day if we combine forces we will beat her! Haha. Oh yar.. He's currently studying in NUS Chem engine. Cool fac. *crosses fingers and toes*

Ok.. think that's all for today.
Oh yar! B4 I forget.. back to the driving topic. U noe.. yesterday while I was waiting for my final shuttle bus ride out of BBDC, I overheard these instructors talking among themselves in hokkien. One of them was tokking abt this female driving student he had. This lady was at a traffic junction, and the lights had juz turned red. Seemingly blind to the traffic lights, she continued driving and turned right. The instructor was struck dumb. So he asked her," What are u doing!? Didn't u see the red lights?!"
She happily replied," Yes I did! But they said 'left turn on red' rite?"
OMG!!! Pls.. for heavens sake.. female drivers stop xia suaying urselves!!! Sigh.. K gtg practise my driving in case I ever become like her!


At 2:50 AM, Blogger Verce said...

Ai yo... dun say I "deserve to be in XiaXue's place" lah.... there are like hundreds of male fans of her blog.

Xiaxue likes to edit those pix n make them funny, n it seems she carries a digi cam around with her most of the time. I cant be doing that. And I dun like to display my face on e blog like what she's doing everytime. I feel v awkward.
I cant possibly "win" her...

well i dun have the intention to anyway. High hits are no good. putting a strain on my webspace.

For goodness sake go sleep longer so pple will dare to ride your car.

At 7:18 AM, Anonymous ja said...

wah lau. how come all of NUS chem engine like become ur friends liddat... later when i come back i left out leh. *sobs*... cos all 3 of u will be talking abt ppl i donno. boo. but nvm... who's this xiaxue girl ah? I visited her blog, like some sl*t liddat leh. how come u got this type of friends? lol. evil me.

At 9:58 PM, Blogger OneSpence said...

Miss Avril...could u please stop your abusive attacks on TCHS? lolx.
Besides, that shows how good TCHS is ... teaching pupils important extra-curricula skills like HTML n stuff which "pretty n adorable" girls like u need for your "oh-so-pink" blog.
Now i am starting to wonder, are u a ntu or nus student!
U seem to know more NUS dudes than NTU's !

At 1:33 AM, Blogger yuan said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 1:33 AM, Blogger yuan said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 1:35 AM, Blogger yuan said...

combine forces with u? need u are more of a liability lor! hmmm, think u passed too early ... should pass at the 20thattempt wat; scared no money? no! dun worry by then u can publish a book and teach people the do's and don'ts

At 2:09 AM, Blogger greatshiner said...

Eh hello.. dun liddat can. Hehe Ja.. I juz introed u to them can? NTU dudes? Think none blog. Oh but there are some NTU babes here if u r interested. Haha. Juz that they keep mum most of the time.
And Ja-Xiaxue is NOT my fren. OK?!
YL-u pass liao then comment. Haha

At 11:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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